Please join the staff of the HRECC in congratulating Part-time Senior Communicator Xan Stevens for her actions of February 24, 2016. Xan’s quick thinking and compassionate nature aided her in offering pre-arrival medical instructions for a 2 year old child that had experienced a seizure and stopped breathing. Xan talked the caller through CPR instructions, and prior to responders arriving on the scene, the child could be heard making noises in the background and was again breathing on its own.
“Having an employee like Xan, who is able to remain calm in these situations is priceless for the ECC and the community,” said Dee Dee Sencindiver, Operations Manager.
Stevens is one of the most veteran employees of the HRECC having started her career in emergency communications in December of 1994. “Her value to this workplace is unmatched” added Sencindiver. Congratulations to Xan on having a direct impact in saving a life!