Senior Communicator April Lantz is the definition of an Emergency Communications Professional.

Dedicated, Driven, Selfless& Reliable.

Lantz understands the importance of treating others with respect and dignity, whether they’re her teammates, citizens or other public safety personnel. Representing the ECC in a professional manner in all avenues is important to April.

Dedicated– not to stand out, not to be the better than others, but to ensure that she is executing her role in the team to ensure the ECC provides the best service we can to the citizens and responders.

Driven –  continuously studying guidelines, identifying her strengths and weaknesses so she can take the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Whether it’s a non-emergency call or a chaotic emergency April is driven to go the extra mile for each and every caller, she has a clear understanding that each caller or responder is reliant upon her to help them, regardless of the tasks April is committed to fulfilling them.

Selfless– I’ve not seen a single shift where she has put her personal needs, wants or beliefs in front of her role as a Senior Communicator and public servant. Lantz has a true vision and clear understanding of just how challenging and demanding this career is.

Reliable– April did not use 1 hour of sick leave in 2018. Working a demanding schedule, 12 hour night shifts, juggling family schedule and still ensuring she steps up to the obligations the HRECC asks of her and she does it with pride and honor, a true Emergency Communicator.