The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center, (HRECC), was established and opened for operation on July 27, 2005.  This consolidated, multi-disciplined 9-1-1- Center is staffed with 52 employees and provides state of the art emergency and non-emergency communications services to the citizens of the City of Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, the towns within the county, public safety providers, and those passing through.

The HRECC is a multi-jurisdictional agency and is funded equally by the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. For more information on Harrisonburg or Rockingham County visit their websites at:


101 North Main Street, 5th Floor
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Phone: 540-434-4436

Email: [email protected]


To apply for a position at the HRECC visit and complete the online application. Additional paperwork will be required once your initial application is received

Why is the hiring process for an HRECC position so long?

It is vitally important for the HRECC to hire the best and most qualified candidates for the job. In doing so, a multi-faceted and equitable hiring process is utilized. Steps of the process are time consuming but allow for the best candidates to become a part of our team.

Do I have to learn how to become a Communicator before I apply?

The HRECC provides 100% paid on-the-job-training for the position of Basic Communicator.Your content goes here.

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