Transcription : Recruitment Video




This profession it’s not just a job it’s a career you’re a professional emergency Public Safety asset to this city of Harrisonburg and it’s going to be the most challenging you’ve ever endured..


911 where’s  your emergency!


Teamwork is a must. we are a family. It’s been said we laugh together you cry together. We can’t function if we are not a team. One person cannot do it all.  It takes everyone working together.


We act like a central nervous system more or less. Without us alot of things don’t happen. 


You never come into work exactly knowing what your day is going to be.


You adapt to everything that is happening around you. Call by call It’s being ready for the unknown.


This is truly a life and death job.


Be ready for a lot of dedication. Two people you may not know as far as the community. 




Units 331, 321, K973 Respond 537 Layman Avenue… 537 Layman Avenue for a possible hostage barricade situation. Male suspect holding a female in the residence against her will. Suspect will be a 25-year-old White man wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. Armed with a handgun and an assault rifle.


We are the first first responder. They cannot function without us I don’t know what happened they don’t know what happens because it comes to us first. We have to tell them What’s going on. I am Tonya Keller. I am the daylight master communicator of the Harrisonburg rockingham emergency communications center.


Every single day we answer 911 calls or calls that we have no idea what’s going to be on the other end, and to be able to utilize any All the skills that we have built here as individuals and as a team we employ that to save lives and make a difference for the community and the responders we serve I am Chad Siever, I am a shift supervisor and have been here for 14 years.


I am Liz Becktel and have been with the ECC for about 9 or 10 months at this point and still in training here.

I am a basic communicator.


My Name is Andre Miller I am a senior communicator here at the Harrisonburg Rockingham ECC I’ve worked here at the ECC for nine years.


My name is Kenzie Herring. I have been here for almost 3 years and I am a master communicator.


Structure fire involving I residential dwelling 981 South Main St. 981 South Main St. in Harrisonburg. All units responding. Tower 1 responding. Tower 1 responding 0913.


I would say it’s going to be somebody who is not afraid to work hard. Who is really driven personally on their own.


The job is unique it requires a lot of dedication a lot of time with a lot of time away from your family to provide for a community that you want to see develop and continue to develop.


You need to be fast-paced, handle stress, be a team player.


You adapt to everything that is happening around you. call by call. But it’s knowing what to do when you get that call.


Focused, dedicated and driven it takes a special person


Someone that wants to help their community and wants to help the responders that are out there. 

Be that lifeline for them.


We had smoke in the second floor There is fire in the apartment.


The ECC uses a very dynamic radio system


They provide a constant watch if you will over an emergency scene just from their console in the 911 center. Those guys do a phenomenal job. when someone is having the worst day of their life and this is the first person they talk too.


The ECC provides me with all the information I need to complete my job when I’m on the street and interacting with individuals and calls for service where were requested to respond. 


Regardless, whatever situation comes up we’re gonna work together and at the end of the day we’re going to get the job done.


Robbery just occurred 1711 South Main St. Units 261, 271 .


We Provide 100% training so everything that you get we will do here. It’s a year-long process but if you are somebody very committed to this job and it something you want to do You may excel a lot faster.


When something big happens there is a switch that is flipped.


We take care of one another as best as we can.


We always know that we have  that person may not be seen but we have them on the other side of that radio.


You see that reward of saving a life of even making a smallest difference in a non-emergency situation can change you as a person.


This is A great place to make a difference for someone who has wanted a job that mattered.


The ECC Play is the most crucial role in public safety we saved seconds and seconds saves lives


And their the last people we hear as we back into the station, knowing we made it home safely From assisting the people of Rockingham County.


I don’t know everybody I send out on calls but to me they’re my unit, they’re my person, and I am going to make sure that they’re as safe as I can make them.